• 30 Jul 2020

    Financing solution in the field of climate investments for your municipality

    The EU funded project FALCO developed financing solutions for climate investments that go beyond 'business as usual'. The project focus on three types of investments:

    • Renovation of public buildings,
    • Energy efficiency measures for SME’s,
    • Renovation of private buildings (e.g. apartments / private houses / private schools / …).

    Thanks to FALCO, European regions and municipalities looking for innovative financing solutions for ambitious climate investments (public authorities or private companies) will be able to get information on the available options.

    What is in it for you?

    The project team is currently looking for municipalities that want to test whether FALCO solutions are suitable for their city.The financing solutions (including critical success factors, possible pitfalls, etc.) will be presented to you. Together with Flemish financial experts, you will be asked to investigate the relevance and the replication potential specifically for the situation in your home country (on the basis of checklists).

    If you are interested, please contact n.stiehr@climatealliance.org

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