• 10 Nov 2020

    Climate Smart Cities Challenge: Take part in this city-based innovation competition!

    The climate crisis is the most crucial development challenge of our time, and cities have a key role in driving the shift to low-carbon, inclusive economies.

    The Climate Smart Cities Challenge open call is an opportunity for cities to participate as implementation partners in a city-based open innovation competition that will invite a global pool of technologists, businesses and investors to develop, test and scale cutting-edge solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a better future for all.

    Cities are asked to:

    • Tell about their aspirations to reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and create a good future for all
    • Present a problem that is specific and solvable in the near-term, meaning potential solutions could be introduced, adapted and scaled within the next five years
    • Indicate a willingness to work with a global community of problem-solvers and investors and to commit resources to test and implement solutions to your problem in your city.


    Why cities should enter

    If your city is selected as a partner, you will get:

    • The opportunity to co-design an open innovation competition based in your city around your specific problem, supported by a team of experts in innovation, challenge prizes, climate change, cities and sustainable development from UN-Habitat, Viable Cities and Nesta Challenges
    • A pool of solution-providers competing to solve your challenges
    • Access to potential investors and partners to implement projects in your city
    • Peer learning opportunities with other cities facing similar challenges
    • Profile-raising opportunity of being part of a global challenge, including being featured in the World Expo in 2021 and being profiled in a major media campaign over the course of the challenge.


    To learn more and apply, visit https://challenges.org/climate-smart-cities . The deadline to apply is 22 January 2021. The three winning cities and their challenges will be unveiled at the World Expo in Dubai in October 2021.

    The Climate Smart Cities Challenge is an initiative of Teknikföretagen, Viable Cities, UN-Habitat, Smart City Sweden, and Vinnova, delivered by Nesta Challenges.