• 21 Oct 2021
    10:00 - 12:00

    Investigating cities’ strategies for PEDs

    Organiser: Others

    Positive energy districts (PEDs) are neighbourhoods that produce more energy than they use. Until today positive energy districts and neighbourhoods (PED/PENs) have been predominantly researched from a technological and energy perspective, often with a focus on electricity and related to new buildings. While the building level is regulated with known possibilities for intervention, this is not the case for the district and neighbourhood level. A broader implementation of the PED concept therefore requires a special focus on legal, institutional and organisational issues by looking closely to the main actors, the cities, to develop effective instruments and structures to support the district level to change.

    In 'Cities4PEDs', a two-year research project funded by JPI Urban Europe, the cities of Brussels, Vienna and Stockholm, with other local partners, are investigating how to implement the Positive Energy District (PED) concept in cooperation with local actors and which new tools should be developed for this purpose. District development and transformation cases have been examined, throughout a series of interviews. From these, instruments, local neighbourhood dynamics and governance models have been distilled and specific strategies have been developed further together.

    In light of this first investigation, the project partners would like to open up the conversation around PED implementation strategies, by bringing to the fore an overview of lessons learned from the interviewed districts, and their recurring challenges and bottlenecks in relation with their different strategies. Then, we will explore with participants the development of new instruments and components (organisational structure, tools, energy systems and modus of collaboration) to achieve this pivotal ambition.

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    This event is part of the Sustainable Energy Days, organised in the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW).